Real Madrid offers Bale and €90 million for City star

According to Sky Sports, Real Madrid are willing to pay €90 million plus Gareth Bale to get their hands on Raheem Sterling.

The Manchester City star has been one of the absolute best footballers in the world this year, and he is in fact the player who has combined to score the most goals, and deliver the most assists.

Such stats have, not surprisingly, attracted attention in the world of football, and as soon as there is a player who delivers at that level, the Spanish giants Real Madrid are usually ready to write a check. Most recently, they did so when they bought Eden Hazard in Chelsea.

Gareth Bale has been rumored way away from Real Madrid many times, but manager Zinedine Zidane now denies that there should be problems between the two.

However, Los Blancos should now be interested in getting the Premier League star Sterling, and it’s not a small amount they’re willing to pay for him.

According to international media Sky Sports, they are ready to offer €90 million plus Gareth Bale for the English winger.

Sterling transferred to City from Liverpool in the summer of 2015.